2012 Toyota Prius V

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The larger than Prius, Prius is here.
It doesn’t seat 7, like some people thought.
Instead, it is just a roomier and larger version of the regular Prius.
With a much larger trunk.
So now it actually competes with many compact SUVs.
It is rated at 42MPG in the City and 38 HWY.
Not bad, if you compare it to the SUV competition.
But quite a bit worse than the 50 MPG Prius.

With gas prices on their way up, it should become quite popular.

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  1. Horrid Styling, Horrid Interior, Even more Horrid Interior Quality, and Horrid Driving Experience = New Toyota Hit!!!

  2. lets not call it a station wagon please ! its a sports techno cross over yuppie mobile ! the big question i have is there anyone out there that would buy a hybrid car with 80k miles ? whos gonna take the chance, and always wonder about that damn batterie or complexity of it ever getting any service done to it !

  3. This is really great, those who want Prius and need more room it's a awesome option.
    way to go Toyota, more cars with great MPG…aren't they predicting gas to go up to 4 or 5 bucks.
    I think it looks better then regular Prius

    Can anyone explain to me the difference between:
    2010 Prius V
    2012 Prius V

    why would Toyota make this so freaking confusing?

  4. I like it.

    It's a 40 mpg compact station wagon from Toyota, a rival to the diesel Jetta wagon.

    It looks well-designed and comfortable.

  5. Long Island Matt you have horribly insulted the Jetta Wagon. The Jetta Wagon is a Bentley compared to this thing.

  6. Not a fan.

    I think the current Prius (which isn't a bad looking car actually) is more than practical enough (I'm a Canuck – we love our hatches up here).

    This seems pretty pointless…give yourself a bit more room, slash fuel economy…why???? Sorry, but the C-Max hybrid is a much better option based upon the info we have.

  7. And why exactly would I want this over a Jetta Wagon TDI?

    Better fuel economy? No
    More Fun to drive? No
    Roomier? No
    Better looking? No
    Cheaper? Probably not.

  8. I would'nt buy it but I think this vehicle is a great idea. I like the exterior and most of the interior styling BUT…That center stack…..it's….it's…. A MONSTEROUS EYESORE!!! THAT LOOKS TERRIBLE!!! It's a total confusing mess with ABSOLUTELY NO style whatsoever! HAHAHAHAHA… and guess what you're going to be looking at most of the time since all of your guages and controls are located there HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  9. Toyota's timing will be perfect again when this is released this summer and gas is $4 per gallon. It's a good business decision to release this.

  10. This looks like dog shit.

    Interior looks like dog shit.

    I'd rather have MANY other vehicles, and put the cost savings towards the extra fuel it will use and STILL come out on top.

    I still say most people who buy more expensive hybrids aren't good at math or don't have any common sense. I remember reading a study about a Lexus RX Hybrid and that you would have to drive it for 350,000 miles in order to reap the benefits of the fuel savings/cost trade off.


  11. This is just awful! The exterior could get a pass just due to Toyota wanting "hybrid style" since most ppl who buy a hybrid want to stand out. But the interior, WTF?!?! Who would want to sit in there for hours a day or even 10 mins? Turdota needs to get its head on straight and design great cars or continue to see its market share drop. Toyota quality has been busted and its exterior and interior designs keep getting more horrid.

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