2012 Vauxhall/Opel Astra

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The new sporty 3 door version of the current Astra looks great.
The previous generation was sold here as a Saturn.

But now that Buick is getting the sedan version of he Astra, I wonder if they’ll get this coupe as well.
The US Buick Verano is supposed to be getting the 2.0 Liter Turbo as an option.
This engine would be even better in a more modern body style. Like this one.

2013 Verano Coupe anyone?

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  1. YES PLEASE!!! This looks awesome! I hope the new 2.0T makes it's way into the new Regal too because it definetly needs the power. This new engine is supposed to have close to 300hp!

    Vince, you should test a new Regal!

  2. If they were serious enough to really PLAY, they would make this Buick's Mini/1 Seres Killer. Especially when the Mini is completely redesigned….a lot of betrayed die-hard fans will need SOMEWHERE to go.

  3. GM sold a 'Geo'(Isuzu Impulse,rebadged as the)'Storm', on Chevy lots, in the early 1990's, until 1993-94, iirc.

    From what I have read.. it sold well, until Isuzu quit making cars, then GM quit selling sporty 3- door(fwd) car(s).

    Maybe a modern day version(and most likely, a lot more reliable) 'Storm' would sell well for GM/Chevy?

    The old Storm was fun to drive… (we test drove one in 1990) but it was not very reliable, from what I have read.

    Even if this were a Buick… and the price was around 20,000 dollars(like the Scion tC)… we would most likely consider a car like this(..at least take a test drive).

    I just have the feeling that GM won't bring this here to the USA… and instead, they will try to push the former Aveo… now called 'Sonic'(sporty model..rumored to be sold in USA?)….and not give us this…unfortunately.

    We need more fwd ,3-door sporty cars, like back in the 1990's…(but more reliable)… like the old Eclipse,'Geo' Storm, Tiburon,3-door Civic,etc…

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