2012 VW Golf Cabriolet

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Just an illustration.
And there will be more before the real thing comes out.

Should be priced a bit bellow the 2012 Beetle Convertible. Itself starting at a little bit lower than the 2011 model.

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  1. Looks like all the German makes have lost any semblance of originality/design-diversity…

    It's all just one sausage/different sizes now.

    B O R I N G!

  2. Pretty hard to have a good-looking 'Vert when you start with a hatchback econoncar.

    The Beetle at least has some character.

    But until they start with something the size of a Passat they'll never have a competitor for BMW, Chrysler, Volvo, or Mercedes.

  3. The only thing VW had that was cool was the Microbus concept which they scrapped probably because it didn't match their "boring" design language.

  4. VW sold less cars than Subaru in the US last year. They are living in a fools paradise if they think they could ever pass Toyota. Nowadays it's about price, quality and mpg's. (from gas not diesel) Game over.

  5. But VW is huge in Europe. But then again, they love crap over there. This is at least better looking than the Eos. Wanna bet how long that model will last if this shows up here? VW seems to be throwing anything at the wall to see if it will stick (in the US). They've forgotten that dealer service and reliability, not just cars that look like their interiors were designed in this decade, are necessary for decent volumes. Otherwise, theres plenty of good cars out there to choose from.

  6. Man, people are sure bitchy. This is a good looking inexpensive convertible. I don't believe that VW will surpass Toyota anytime soon. Nor would I want them to. VWs are for people who don't like Toyota. And since Toyotas are for incredibly price sensitive balloon shaped people who cruise the Wal Mart parking lot for a space in the front row, VW should completely stay away from attempting to appeal to the masses on that level. Well, I guess I'm the one being bitchy now!

  7. Stepped into Boston VW a few days ago to look at a Golf. Walked around inside for 10 minutes, past the sales staff discussing football, then left, went down the road to a Toyota dealer and bought a Prius.

    What was that about VW overtaking Toyota sales?

  8. VWs are not the only car for people who don't like Toyotas.
    You have Nissan, Subaru, Mazda and even some Ford products that put the stink on VW in all ways. Soon Hyundai will hand VW its butt (they already have in sales).
    VW is a loser. Overall, German cars are losers – overpriced, unreliable, and the nerve to be "snobbish" as well.

  9. My neighbor has had two Jettas since 2006. Each one has been junk. He's just more concerned about the perceived cool factor than he is wasting his money or having a car that runs.

  10. "My neighbor has had two Jettas since 2006. Each one has been junk."

    People also say things about neighbors, mothers and friends on forums that aren't true. If the first one was such junk, why did he buy another? Sounds like he was satisfied with them.

  11. "VW is a loser. Overall, German cars are losers – overpriced, unreliable, and the nerve to be "snobbish" as well."

    German cars are better in ways that I want them to be. If you can't afford to buy a German car, it doesn't mean you need to be so angry about the fact that other people can.

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