2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid

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Ford will be getting an all new Hybrid version of the C-Max in 2012. (2013 in Europe).
No specs yet, but it is supposed to be getting a better mileage rating than their 41MPG Fusion Hybrid.
I sure hope so. 41 MPG isn’t that amazing anymore.

The strange thing is that the Hybrid version os based on the European 5 seater C-Max. Not the US one (Known as the Grand C-Max in Europe).
So I guess we are getting the sleeker looking 5 seater version after all….

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  1. Smart Move ford. Give the people a REASON to buy a C-Max (swb) and they will buy it! "What a great alternative to the Prius!" –> the reason this is the 5 Seater model. I'm sure the Grand C will get one eventually…or maybe not?

  2. This looks very promising.

    An American station wagon with conventional styling and a nice design that gets 45 mpg (even an honest 40mpg for a car this size would be amazing).

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