All new Kia Picanto interior photos

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It doesn’t look bad. Even though we don’t see much , yet.

The Picanto is a smaller and cheaper car then the Rio.
Which starts in the US at about $12 000.
So if sold here, the Picanto would be starting at under $10 000 or so.

But so far, it doesn’t look like we’ll see the smallest Kia model over here.

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  1. I guess I dont understand why ever since small car of this type has to have an instrument cluster exactly like this. its pathetic.

  2. The interior looks a little chintzy, but the design of the car looks pretty good overall. Especially for such an inexpensive subcompact. Overall, I like the design direction of Kias much better than the melted candy, Solara styling of Hyundias current lineup.

  3. To sell it in the US it would have to be substantially less than the RIO at around $8000. The Rio has it hard enough because it's easy to get a great deal on a new Forte. When there is only a $2000 difference between models…the extra is usually worth it.

  4. douchebag jones:

    Go learn to write with proper spelling and spacing before troling.

    Good to know that you know yourself to be a douche though.

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