Audi Q1 coming up???

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The A3 based Q3 isn’t out yet, and rumors are already surfacing about an even smaller Q1 crossover based on the tiny A1 hatchback.
We’ll see the Q3 really soon, and now appears it will make it to the US.
Unlike the A1, and Q1. If they ever build it…

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  1. But the question is why?

    Audi (and the rest of the German luxury makes) are seriously diluting brand-idenity with these kinds of vehicles – IMO.

  2. In an interview with Audi in Autonews last week it was said no A1, Q3 for the US. So I don't think we'll see this for the us…

    We might though see the BMW X1.

  3. Anonymous Jan28 11:10AM said…
    That disgusting Audi grille looks even more ridiculous on this little car

    for some reason this picture makes me think of a large riding lawn mower converted into a car

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