Fiat 500 SUV testing???

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A 4wd version of the little Fiat 500 has been spotted testing in Europe.
It does look weird, and is probably a test mule for some other car.

Competition to the Mini Countryman?

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  1. I like the FIAT500; but to call anything this small an SUV is absurd.
    – It's not S porty
    – It's not got any U tility
    – It's barely even a V ehicle
    It's no more an SUV than a '50's Nash Rambler with air shocks is. In fact, it's LESS of an SUV than a '50's Nash Rambler with air shocks. Sport Utility Vehicle– my a$$.

  2. Should be a testmule for the Fiat Panda AWD.

    And it is definitely a vehicle 😉 and it also can be very sporty if it is the Abarth version.

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