Ford Vertrek concept. Video

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The Vertrek (assuming they keep the name for the production car) will, next year, replace both the ancient Escape and the European Kuga.
As you can see, it does look like an updated Kuga. (Except for the lunatic and crazy concept interior design)

Gone is the old, blocky and sad look of the current Escape.

Europeans have been enjoying the Kuga since 2008.
So the difference won’t be as drastic as in the US. Where the Escape came out in 2000. And got a blocky “refresh” in 2008 which made the previous one look like Marilyn Monroe.

This new compact CUV/Crossover/SUV will finally bring Ford into the 21st century.
It does look great.

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  1. I'm surprised not of them said:
    "it will kick Hyundai Tucson butt"
    (or whatever Tucson is called in Europe)

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