How about a few more pictures of the new Mercedes SLK?

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It a nice looking car, after all.

But I still think the current BMW Z4 is one of the best convertible design ever.
Modern, yet a bit retro. And it looks like one person designed it.

The new SLK does look like a bunch of people were involved, and they didn’t talk to each other that much…

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  1. It almost looks like a facelift of the current version. The front and the back look good however the body is boring with not much going on. (i.e. fenders and door). It seems to be at odds with Mercedes-Benz' design language. Although I have heard that MB wants to give its sports car range (SLS, SLK & SL) a separate design theme.

  2. Interresting how the latest from Chrysler & the latest from Mercedes seen to share the same instruments. Can't help but wonder if the latest E-class and 300 and Charger aren't STILL more closely related then anyone want's to say. Or the latest M / R / GL / Durango / Cherokee as far as air-suspensions, IRS, electronics/computers/garmin Nav; handeling, etc. I know the 200c has a larger folding hardtop than this new SLK but can't help but wonder how many of the motors & mechanical bits are identical between those 2 and the S-class (LS?) retractable hardtop. Kind of like Olds/Buick/Cadillac used to be.

    At the end of the day; if Cadillac came up with a CLS retractable hardtop convertable; the SLK would be dead in the US.

  3. I can't imagine ever buying a premium 2 seater convertible…but if I was I would consider this. It reminds me of the old 500sl from the 90's which I loved as a kid. I like the overall design quite a bit, the only design detail that bugs me is the swoop over the rear wheels. It just doesn't fit the blockyness of the rest of the car.

  4. "January 16, 2011 6:02 AM"

    None, check the part numbers and source suppliers.

    They aren't even the same.

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