Infiniti FX 35 test drive.

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The second generation FX isn’t all new, but it still looks great.

The front end isn’t for everyone, but I think it looks both powerful original.

This, to me, looks much better than pretty much any of the competition.

It has a sports car feel to it that others just don’t have.


The great design carries on inside.

The interior of the FX is a big step up from the G37 series. Materials all seem of a better quality, and the whole thing feels much more expensive. Which, it actually is…

The Bose stereo sounds great, and the iPod interface is fast, and easy to set up. Same for the Bluetooth system.

The seats are very comfortable and roomy in the back.

The only thing I am not crazy about is Infiniti’s new wood finish. Where it is darker on the edges. It just looks like a cheap airbrush job to me. And I just cant get used to it…



The ride is sporty. Which might not be for everyone. This is no Lexus ride.

But the car is as solid as a tank, and it’s never uncomfortable. It fits with the sporty atittude of the FX.


The steering isn’t light, there is quite an effort to it.

Which again, re-enforces the sporty nature of the car. It feels great to drive.


The big Nissan/Infiniti V6 is always a great engine.

But the amazing sound of the Infiniti version really makes it something special. Hard to describe the muted growl that comes alive when you push it.

But it does feel and sounds great, at all time.

It is rated at 16 City and 23 HWY.

I did get about 16 in the city, but managed about 27 on the FWY. Which is actually pretty good for over 300hp.

I am sure the 7 speed auto has something to do with it.

The transmission is smooth, but just like with other Infiniti models, it does need quite a quick to downshift.


The Infiniti FX 35 is pretty much the most fun you can have driving an SUV.

It’s trunk isn’t as roomy as others, but the sporty feel alone makes it such a pleasure to drive.

I also love the amazing view from the driver’s seat.

It actually reminds me of an old British car somehow, with all these curves on the hood.

And the interior also has an old world feel to it. Especially in the dark brown color of my test car.

It kind of felt like an old British pub.

But with all the futuristic gadgets you can imagine.

The RWD FX 35 starts at about $42 600. My loaded model retails for a bit over $52 000.

Quite an expensive car.

The BMW X5 is about $5000 more, and looks like a shoe box next to the FX.

So, everything is relative….

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  1. I'll take the shoe box any day. The design of this is just off. Also, I don't like some of the switchgear, like the one between the seat heaters. It looks like the same switch Nissan used in the 80s. And to have a non-used switch filled with a blank piece of plastic in such a conspicuous place is inexcusable.

    I will say though, that Infiniti has dramatically improved their interiors.

  2. this is my all time favorite car. I have driven one and find the same as you, a joy to drive. It's alive on so many levels that Lexus and the rest just don't have. If you are a dynamic driver, this is your only choice. Nissan and Infiniti have really stepped up their game and overall I feel build some of the best cars in the world!

  3. To my eyes, this is an overwrought design (and I'm a big Nissan fan). The "utility" in this thing is shameful given its footprint. I just don't get it. If you want a "sporty feel" why the f%#*k would you buy an SUV!

  4. Hey Vince, long time follower. I'd like to tell you the story of my 2005 FX45 which was our first and last Infiniti and Nissan product.

    It was one of those purchases that means happy wife = happy life. My wife HAD to have the vehicle, and we owned it for three years. Anyone here who is married will understand my predicament.

    Our ownership experience has completely turned us off to Infiniti and the Nissan brand. We had some SILLY issues that shouldn't have ever happened on a near $60,000 vehicle. Trim pieces falling off both the interior and exterior, leather cracking eventhough it was conditioned by me with an Infiniti approved leather conditioner, three NAV units failed (not a typo), main seal developed a leak which leaked all over my freshly laid cointop flooring in the garage, there was a buzzing rattle around 1,600 RPM that wasn't resolved after four dealer visits (and to multiple dealers).

    Speaking of dealers, they are all poor. They treat you as if you are a regular Nissan owner and the dealership doesn't have any benefits over owning a regular Nissan other than a provided loaner vehicle.

    I never got the feeling that it was a true luxury vehicle, or its build quality had any substance behind the thin veneer of luxury. Keep in mind that all of this happened within three years and 60,000 miles.

    We've owned 9 Mercedes vehicles since the early 80's and we have NEVER ONCE had an issue with one of the MBs that was worse than the entire ownership experience of this one Infiniti product. The FX was replaced with a 2008 ML550 which hasn't had a single issue other than a failed fuel sensor which was covered under warranty.

    So that's my story.

  5. A friend of mine had a first-generation model and I could always hear her pulling up to the house. Fun drive.

    I am typically a Nissan/Infiniti fan but I hate that mixed brown/black interior. Just looks like they were too cheap to do a matching dash and panels.

  6. that Pass on Infiniti dude is probably a Lexus salesperson in disguise. He is full of it! Infiniti is by far a better product on every level.

  7. @Anonymous re: "If you want a "sporty feel" why the f%#*k would you buy an SUV!"

    I don't know your age, but for a lot of guys over 50, climbing in and out of a low-slung car is murder on the back and knees. Up until my current SUV, I'd always driven sports sedans (BMW, Acura). I'm used to a car that has some giddy-up, goes where you point it, and can power out of a curve. I may be old, but I'm not ready for the farm (or farm truck) just yet.

    I agree with everything else you said.

  8. "Chub said…
    that Pass on Infiniti dude is probably a Lexus salesperson in disguise. He is full of it! Infiniti is by far a better product on every level.

    January 20, 2011 10:36 AM"

    Except that I have owned nothing but Mercedes since '82. Oh, and the ML is faster, gets better gas mileage, has better quality interior materials, and has been more reliable than the Infinti.

    You ever think that if the FX was "by far a better product on every level" that its sales figures would represent that? The ML outsells the FX at about 5:1. Their dealer experience isn't better on ANY level.

    The story is true, you can find all of my details on the Edmunds/IL forums if they are still there.

    Salesperson I am not, never again will I be burned.

  9. I don't like this SUV. The front end design is horrendous, and the interior is not what it needs to be in a $50k-plus SUV. I put this on the same level as the Z or the G37… topping-out at about 40k max. But I do like the engine. A lot.

  10. The "pass on Infiniti….." is just full of you know what. He is not a Lexus salesman. He is desperately trying to prove that MB is more reliable than Infiniti. Even cats know by now that Infiniti is a far more dependable brand. And the freaking ML is total junk according to Consumer reports. And no explanation after such a loooooooong ownership of MB cars ( in his dreams) they decided from all brands to buy an Infiniti. Oh yeah, it is the wife factor. Sure!

    Aside from responding to the deranged BS, I will simply add that I test drove the FX35. I will agree with everything that Vince said and emphasize that the entry and exit from
    the rear doors is awkward and tight.

  11. bulbous, overwrought, and ugly describes the fx perfectly.

    no wonder why the sales have absolutely tanked.

    To: January 20, 2011 6:03 PM

    this person obviously isn't married haha

    benzes are not bad cars. i had a 2001 c240 that i bought in 2003 and sold in 2010 with 160k. it just went thru brakes quickly is the only prob it had but it stopped very well.

  12. Absolutely love the wood and silver trim in the cabin. the overall design is overwrought and fat–not at all appealing. Untill the latest E-class I would have said anything Mercedes is uglier than anything Infinity. But the E-class is MB's best effort ever; and this FX is probably Infinitys worst (looks-wise). And if I'm spending over $40k the darn thing better (at LEAST) LOOK good.

    As for quality; EVERY manufacturer has a few lemons. MB is rated reliable, but a friend of mine bought a new ML right out of Medical School and had one problem after another. That's probably rare with MB–but she will NEVER buy another MB because of that ONE bad experience. And we've all seen Lexus go from "most reliable" to "most dangerously UNreliable" very quickly in the eyes of the buying public. So I believe "pass on Infinity, I doubt he's a car salesman, but that's just ONE vehicle and like I said, EVERY manufacturer makes more that a few lemons. A Company like Infinity, or MB or Toyota or Dodge can produce 95% flawlessly perfect machines, and STILL have HUNDREDS of "super-lemons" out there.

    So for me it's never about someone's OPINION of "Quality". IT'S ALL ABOUT S T Y L E !!! (And unfortunately the FX flunks in that category).

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