Lancia Ypsilon Illustration

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Probably the last illustration before we get to see the real thing.
Might end up competing with the Fiesta in the US….

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  1. This is not interesting to me.

    Maybe they should have tried to make it "odd looking"….
    stand out…
    maybe something like the Nissan Juke, 3-door car, or like the upcoming Hyundai Veloster, or something?

    This looks like a car for old people… and I am not exactly a young person myself!

  2. I like it. It looks more mature and less retro than its predessesor. Visually, it is more of a Fiesta competitor than I thought.

    The last two generations weren´t as competitive in terms of suspension and ride quality. This explains, why it failed on most markets out of Italy. Especially when you know how good the Punto rides, whith whome it shares most of its underpinnings. Let´s hope for the best!

    As Sergio Marchionne carrys everything from Dodge/Chrysler over here (Europe), the chances are high that you will see a lot of Fiat products in the US. Therefore, I agree that the Ypsilon might be a mini Chrysler one day.

  3. You hear a lot of good things about the current Ypsilon, but I'm skeptical about something so small trying to be a "near-luxury" model in the land of Chryslers & Cadillacs.

    In the 1960's Chrysler ads procalimed that there weren't–and NEVER would be any "half-pint" Chryslers. Then in 1975 they came out with "The New SMALL Chrysler" (Cordoba) A 16'-long coupe with an "economical" "Small v8" (about 5L-6L depending on whether you got the 318 or the 360cid.)

    BOY HOW TIMES CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. this car doesnt look like a lancia at all. but it makes sense. this can easily be rebadged as a chrysler or dodge even… a bit generic design.

    'nuff said

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