Larger than C-Max Ford minivan coming up?

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Ford has been offering the Galaxy Minivan since 1995 in Europe.
The current version came out in 2006. And was never sold in the US.

But it might be a different story for the next generation.

As you can see, Ford has been using most of the Grand C-Mac (Just C-Max in the US) body as a mule to test the new minivan platform.

That would mean they will be back in the “regular sized” minivan business. If it comes over here. Even though it would still be a bit smaller than the competition.

Why not…

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  1. No, absolutely good!

    Most minivans aren't mini at all these days. They're massive-vans!

    It'd be nice to have something that has sliding doors that isn't quite as small as a Mazda 5–this could fit the bill.

    Build it, bring it over here, and then actually *market* the thing.

  2. If there is a Ford minivan, there simply is no room for The Ford Flex now that the Explorer is back as a crossover.

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