Mazda Minagi Concept = 2012 Mazda CX-5

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For now a concept. But they’ve been testing the production model for a while already.
So we know this will become the CX-5 by next year.
And maybe the first production Mazda to use the new front end design.

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  1. Ohhh my is that beautiful.

    If it even looks half as good as these renderings, then this is going to be the CUV to beat.

    Mazda KNOWS how to make something fun to drive….

  2. Awesomeness….just straight up awesomeness.

    Now, if this thing comes with the SKY engine for North America that reportedly gets 70 MPG….I'm sold – my beloved CX7 will be traded in for this!!

  3. Does the rear remind anyone else of the Ford Vertrek concept/next Escape? I thought these two companies were severing their connection.

  4. Between this and what I've seen of the next Miata…Mazda has my attention!!! Can't wait to see the next CX-9!

  5. For anyone says this looks like a Ford/or whatever else…

    If anything, the rear or roof line resembles more of the last generation Mazda 3 hatch, which is still a great design!!
    Now with this new corporate front end, I think they will be great!

    IMHO, of course.

  6. This looks great. The new front end design is much better than the 'gapping fish mouth' design that most Mazdas have for 2010/11.

  7. I absolutely love it!

    This might be the best looking CUV when it comes to market. Mazda is going to make a killing!

  8. It has the exact same d-pillar, greenhouse, and rear-window as the Ford Vertrek, perhaps Ford and Mazda will again partner up to make the Escape/Tribute (or whatever Ford decides to call it's CUV).

    I don't know why, but I could almost see this as a Jaguar CUV… if they just replaced the Mazda Grill with the grill off of the XJ, and it would compete with the Audi Q5

  9. Mazda is really becoming a new Japanese Alfa Romeo. I love their models. All. And this is absolutely beautiful.

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