Mitsubishi Concept Global Small.

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What a name, really…

First they teased us with a bad illustration, (bottom pic) then this rather boring concept.
It doesn’t look like the “sure to be toned down” production version will be that exiting.

And I hear Mitsubishi has very high hope for this model.
By the time it comes out, the market will be full of good small hatchbacks. Even in the US.
Not sure how they will make this stand out .

Good luck….

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  1. I'm so tired of this blandizing of small japanese cars that are now made in China/India/SE Asia. Sure the quality is just as good but trying to please so many people at once produces boring cars.
    As an owner of the current Colt I was hoping for more.

  2. I think the illusrations show the production version, as the doors have frames, there are no airvents on the fenders and the creases are smoother.

    And Vince I think you wanted too much from Mitsu. We are talking about a global model here. Look what Nissan did to the ultra modern Micra… Or how ugly the new Yaris is. This is better than both IMHO.

  3. It doesn't suck. I actually think it's pretty distinctive. But I have to say that, before reading that it was a mitsu, I thought that it was a Kia. The front end design is their signature look. Regardless, looks good.

  4. If they were smart they would join Peugeot-Citroen. Then leave the cars to PSA and the SUVs to Mitsubishi. Then I would think about buying one.

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