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The engine for the US will be the 2.4 Liter engine with 177hp. Which seems to be powering everything else GM makes these days.
Including the Regal, and even the base Lacrosse.

Here are pictures of the European Opel Astra.
Where you can clearly see the similarities. Doors are pretty much the same, as is most of the greenhouse.
The Cruze is a different design….

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  1. Looks good so far. But you have to admit that is some great photograpy by GM that could make a even a Camry look good. Ok maybe not but i'll reserve final judgement until I see it in person.

  2. The Euro-Astra looks much better. Especially the coming three-door GTC, which could wear an Alfa badge and no Alfa fan would think its not fitting. Just gorgeous!!

  3. Nice looking car! hahaha… and it probably goes as fast as the turbo Regal too:) Maybe a little slower…. maybe:)

  4. A thousand times better looking in black. The hatchback looks great. Not completely sold on the sedan, or the Buick brand. This looks better than the Cruze. But the Cruze isn't really making a splash in the marketplace so far. And I'm not convinced that adding lipstick to a Cruze will work for Buick.

    For Buick, who is trying to become a legit luxury brand, they need their cars to be unquestionably superior to everything else. This me-too car isn't good enough.

  5. Q: who's going to pay a premium for an economy car like this?

    A: The same fools that pay it for Acura's and Lexus's

    This is very nice car… for the size. But I still find it odd to pay mid-price prices for less than mid-size sizes. I still haven't gotten used to yesterday's "mid-size" getting re-classified as full-size ( like the short-wheelbase S, 7, & 300). The Lacross is as tiny as I'm willing to go (for a luxury car).

  6. Anonymous said…

    "Buick Verano is a rebadged Cruze."

    January 6, 2011 6:35 AM

    Its not a rebadged Cruze.
    Same steering wheel perhaps, but just as bad.

  7. """Q: who's going to pay a premium for an economy car like this?

    A: The same fools that pay it for Acura's and Lexus's""""

    We have a winner, we now know who won ignorant comment of the week.

  8. Anonymous said…
    Golly – no port-holes on the side in front. What restraint!

    That's right! cause they're on the hood…

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