More pictures of the 2012 Hyundai Accent

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A pretty decent car for the price.

For those who compare the Accent with the Fiesta:
-The Fiesta starts at sedan starts at $13 300. While the cheapest hatchback is $15 100

-The current 2011 Accent starts at about the same price, but the 3 door hatch is priced at under $10 000.

Not sure if the 2012 hatch will still be priced lower than the sedan.
But the Hyundai does offer more power and even better gas mileage than the Ford.

But, for my taste, I still think the Fiesta is one of the best looking hatchbacks around. Much more modern than the new Accent hatch.
But, at the same time, the Fiesta sedan has to be one of the worse looking thing on wheels.

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  1. I see it yesterday at the Montreal Auto Show. (We are too loser to have the Veloster, but at least they show us the Accent). The hatchback was on a stage but the sedan was unlocked on show floor.

    In real, the hatchback is nicer than on picture. The sedan is also really nice. The only negative comment : they still use the same cheapo semi-gloss plastic all around the dash that the 2001 Accent… but at least, in a 2011 design!

    It's well equipped : the high end version will have leather seats, electronic HVAC…

  2. Looks very bland, like a slightly curvier Corolla or a slightly less cool Mazda 3. But the price will move a lot of them out the door.

  3. Fluidic sculpture does not work well on this at all, especially the front… This is the first new Hyundai thats not pretty…

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