New Kia Picanto Interior.

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A better picture, where we now see most of it.

Not bad at all if you consider what is offered by the competition for the price.
Which will be cheaper than the $12 000 Rio.

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  1. If this makes it to the US I'm sure that it will be de-contented from what we see here. Unless this will be the top-of-the-line trim.

  2. That's $12,000? Wow.

    That looks like a VERY nice interior for the money. I am sure there aren't any soft touch plastics but you can't really expect that given the price.

    Very nice.

  3. I like this. Mazda should have done as nice an interior with the 2 (which looks like an 80's abortion inside). Fit, Fiesta and Picanto could rule this segment. Sorry Mazda. Nice little car, but too little effort. Seriously – Mazda 2 instrument panel says it all. I doubt Kia will make that mistake and decontent their Picanto into a disposable bottom feeder.

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