New VW coming really soon.

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It’s finally, almost, here.

The all new VW mid sized sedan that will replace the Passat in the US.
Rumored to be cheaper, roomier, and built here.

Pretty amazing how they have managed to keep the actual name of the car a secret for that long..

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  1. I'm not looking forward to this car. VW is getting way too Toyotavanilla. I would never buy a car that's built solely for the US market anyway. Roomier (for fatties,) cheaper (Wal Mart culture of hoarding) and built here (dope smoking auto workers) are not American qualities that I find appealing.

  2. Because of the way the text is structured, I'm not surprised if they still call it the Passat. What would something new be "sleeker" than anyways? The "German Engineered" part made me laugh. I just don't understand why they would waste money on a totally new model instead of just fixing the issues with the Passat (although to receive only a refreshed model after 6 years would have been an insult as well). Well VW finally made the "big Jetta" they thing that people wanted. From the spy shots, the design would have made sense in 2003, but not now. VW is a mess.

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