New VW mid sized sedan???

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This is actually the Chinese version of VW’s new sedan.
How much of it is similar to the US version is anyone’s guess for now.

Let’s hope ours has a bit more personality. The one pictured here is pretty bad.
Especially considering the new competition.

We’ll see next week….

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  1. Another snoozeville design by VW. The new Jetta is as vanilla as you can get. What's up with the designers over there?

  2. "So bad! It looks like a Malibu."

    Don't insult the Malibu! Oddly enough, the Malibu has become one of the very few good looking midsized family cars on the market. This thing is on par with the awfulness from Toyota, Honda and Nissan. The Sonata is just a four door Toyota Solara so that sucks too. But the truth is, the Optima beats them all.

  3. Horrible. I hope an think that this is just similar to the Chinese lwb version of the 5 series. I hope

  4. This is not the VW "NMS". This is a stretched version on the Bora/Jetta for the Chinese market. (Many European manufacturers offer "streteched" vehicles there.)

    -A VW Employee

  5. Not bad, just boring. It is sad considering what else is available. Will it be built in the states or Mexico? Or, in the States by Mexicans? No matter. I'm not buying one.

    On the other hand, Porsche builds some pretty great engines. Stick one in and I'll test drive the Some-bitch.

    On the other hand, VW will probably stick one of their engines in a Porsche and hope we give a shit.

  6. "German Buick?????? Have you guys looked at Buicks recently? They are far more interesting than this!"

    Agree 100%

    The Enclave and the Lacrosse are gorgeous. The Regal looks good, in spite of the lame engine choices.

    This looks like one of those generic non-branded cars used for insurance ads.

  7. VW should really just give up…It is getting embarrassing now. Does this have that wonderful iron-block crap engine…Still?

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