Next Mercedes C Class

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Which might be coming out sometimes in 2014.

The revised C Class we saw a few weeks ago is just a mid-cycle refresh.

And the Coupe is coming out soon.

These illustrations show what the next generation coupe and sedan might look like.

Basically, it seems that Mercedes likes their new CLS class so much that they’ll make everything look like it.
Even the upcoming S Class is rumored to adopt the busy styling .

We’ll see….

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  1. I looked at a c coupe in the showroom in Shanghai. Sweet car and big step up in style for the C class.

  2. It looks really good from behind and the side profile looks sharp (a tad too vw/audi-ish though…). I hope they change the front end though, the headlamps look cool, but could be more aggressive, everything can go back to the drawing board.

  3. Looking at the tail of this, the latest from Audi & BMW; I think these guys are all drinking the same Kool-Aide. All monotonously similar. B O O O O O O O O R I N G

  4. Agree all Germans are sharing drugs/koolaid
    this C is better = Buick-envy styling is more appropriate for MB than their previous Mazda-envy stuff.

  5. Anything would be better than the current snooze-mobile! Unfortunately, this is just another illustration. I'm sure the next one will have an even more unluxurious interior like the C and E class now have!
    And the coupe? The CTS coupe blows this C-class coupe AWAY!

  6. I'm a current owner of a Steel Gray 2010 C300 Sport (the car is flawless, by the way).

    I sure hope the next-gen looks like what we're seeing in these images. This would be a BIG step forward for M-B and would make the car much more competitive in the BMW 3, Audi A4 and Lexus IS comparisons.

    Count me IN!!

  7. I find it so comical that your readers are that dumb, Vince. This is a photochop and they don't realize it.


  8. I hope the next C is larger, at least as big as the G37, which seems to be in the sweet spot; Not too big and not too small. IF MB improves its hideous reliability record, and makes the C bigger and as attractive as the photoshop here, I want one.

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