Suzuki Kizashi questions?

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I get to keep the Suzuki sedan for a few more days.
So a review will be coming later. But meanwhile, I will answer any questions you might have about this pretty rare car.
By rare, I mean they only sold 583 units last october.

But, they recently came out with a few interesting commercials for the car, mostly comparing it to German sedans.

So, if you are curious about it, don’t be afraid to ask your friend Vince.

I almost forgot to mention, so far, I am very impressed and I love it.

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  1. Why is this not selling like it's supposed to? It's the perfect blend of sport and affordability? Yet it's being treated…no….neglected like a non-lancer Mitsubishi!

    The reason I don't want one is because the dealership network is immensely tiny! I feel nice and safe with my Ford Focus and don't have a care in the world concerning where I can get service!

  2. Heard good things about Suzuki and they have an excellent reputation overseas. Seems the Sun does not shine on them in USA. They need to do something outstanding in US to get noticed. Hell if Hyundai and Kia can so can Suzuki. So what are the dealers giving those cars away for?

  3. This does not really compete with the new Jetta, as it is priced at about $3000 to $4000 more.

    .Interior materials are much better than the Jetta.
    .Manual available, and I'm driving one.
    .Back seat is roomy, but not 2011 Jetta roomy.
    .Dash is mixed of soft and hard, but all high quality.
    .MPG is pretty amazing so far.
    .Feels more like an Audi.

  4. How Much are they willing to come off sticker to sell these slow selling cars? I test Drove a top of the line SLS GTS with AWD with Nav. Stickered for OVER 30K!!!!??

    The silver trim on the left side of the center stack had a run in the finish, and the NAV has super small buttons and the way it fit in the dash, looked like it was put in by Best Buy or some crazy aftermarket hack job. The Drive was good. Felt tight, yet Heavy. The Dash IMO came up awful high in center to me, seemed like the center airvents were always in my sight. I found that distracting. My overall thought was that it is a great car in need of a great engine and a month at weight watchers.

  5. Great looking car. Almost pudgy bulldog look. I'm not sure what the quality or reliability is in a Suzuki, but seeing this car in person, it is impressive especially for a Suzuki.

  6. I am interested to read the review. I have a few reservations about this car. One being that Suzuki is at the bottom of JD Powers satisfaction survey (just below VW). Two being who wants to drive a car that you can't pronounce and sounds like a breakfast cereal for health nuts?

  7. Suzuki has a rough JD Powers survey, and I credit most of it due to that most of their cars have been junky rebadged Daewoos. And if the other dealerships are anyting like the one I was at in Norman OK, that could be another factor.

  8. Great vehicle, I love the one I drove.

    One problem though, and it is Suzuki itself. There is NO dealer network and they continue to close stores. How can a brand succeed if their products aren't available to you?


  9. One question. Do you see future for this vehicle with a silly name and a manufacturer known for motorcycles?

  10. Yes Suzuki is the problem. Here in the united states they arent exactly a full blown car company they are an importer of cars. So the rebadged daewoos really hurt there reputation. They should have had the Swift made to meet US regulations and they should have expanded their dealer network not reduced it. There warranty is great 7 yr 100,000 miles but if people are worried about where to get their car serviced…

  11. "Vince Burlapp said…
    I admit the Suzuki brand is a tough sale…

    January 9, 2011 7:26 PM"

    It is a VERY tough sale.

    It could be the greatest car in its segment but people won't buy it. The rebadged Daewoos KILLED them, I actually knew someone with a Forenza that had a starting issue that couldn't be resolved by two dealers that were 60 miles apart.

    I think Suzuki will end up exiting the US market in the next 5 years, or 10 if they continue being as stubborn as they are now.

    They need the Swift, STAT, and they also need another quality C or D segment vehicle.

  12. Vince Burlapp said…
    I admit the Suzuki brand is a tough sale…

    January 9, 2011 7:26 PM

    I actually just bought a new Suzuki SX4. Admitedly it wasnt the first car or brand on my list. The Kizashi actually got me looking at Suzuki cars. I still couldn't afford the Kizashi so I got the SX4With the incetives (11,000 out the door) it was a lot more car than most of the cars in its price range but yes the warranty thing was a small issue but there are still 3 dealers within 50 miles for me.

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