Tesla Model S. Alpha

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I guess the Alpha is a “closer to production’ model.

You can compare it to the Concept they showed us last year (White car at the bottom).
The design has changed a bit, but not that much. It actually looks a little sportier, I think.

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  1. I also hear about $57 400 to start.
    This would compare to $56 500 for the BMW 5 series GT (hatch), $53 000 for a Jaguar XF etc…
    So it might be just a little bit over the competition.
    But, it is all electric!

    Which is really amazing. Also means it will be getting tax breaks.

  2. I wish Musk as much success with this as he has had with the Falcon 9 rocket. It's a damn good looking car.

  3. Love the car, still cannot afford…
    The wheels are nice "turbine" style (or what ever they call it), You can see they look a bit different on Alpha, better I think.
    How come, Prius doesn't come with hidden door handles like this one, aerodynamic and stuff.

  4. From what I have read, the starting price of $56K doesn't buy much of a range on the battery and battery upgrades are exceedingly pricey. Any sort of traveling range puts the car into a much higher price range…still, it's seriously good looking and great technology. Looks like a winner to me.

  5. This is what I imagine the next Ford Fusion/Mondeo looking like. THe oriignal looked ugly, and bloated.

    it also helps that they black'd out the areas below the doors, and around the lower front end of the car, like they did on the Ford Taurus – visual trickery that always helps to "skinny" a car up a bit.

    Hopefully, the next Fusion Hybrid is a poor-man's Tesla S. Alpha.

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