Toyota Prius C Concept

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And this is obviously not a production model.
A dead give away is the goofy “car show interior”.

So for now, how the real thing will look like is anyone’s guess.

So far, Toyota claims the new small Prius will get the best mileage of any Hybrid on the market.

We’ll know more in a bout a year….

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  1. If they kill 2 doors it will be called a sport coupe like the just revealed Veloster… It then looks even similar.

    Not too thrilled about design direction of all these new cars.
    There was hope of a Toyota sports hybrid coupe but this isn't it.

  2. I don't like the exaggerated "show car" design elements.
    Have some balls and show us what a real street car could look like, with real seats and 15" wheels.

  3. I'm very intrigued with this car. It shows that Toyota does indeed possess good designers. It shows a lot of finesse, surface sensitivity.. Great proportions.

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