What am I driving this week?

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  1. Don't know – but I don't like those gauges. The temperature and fuel level gauges look upside down to me.

  2. idiotic gauges? They look pretty good to me. Somebody must've heard American car and automatically decided it was crap!

  3. Re: Which engine? Leave it to GM to put a stupid little turbo in it.

    …of course when Ford does it it's genius! When Hyundai does it, Amazing! When GM does it….stupid.

    People are unbelieveable.

  4. Some people…

    It's a freakin Cruze. There's been enough coverage on this car, so there are enough pictures of the dashboard to compare.

  5. Stupid turbo? Must be because it's a GM

    Why yes! You nailed it.

    GM cannot engineer a small car. Time has proven it over and over again. Remember the Vega? The Cavalier? That is why they axed the Cobalt and replaced it with this korean/german concoction. It's not too bad of a car (yet anyway), but I would never spend my money on one, ever.

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