What am I driving this week?

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  1. Regal I believe.

    Vince, I HATED the Regal I drove at a GM press launch event 8 months ago. The base motor is an absolute joke and is coarse and unrefined, the turbo motor wasn't much better and it was LOUD and gritty as well.

    Nothing stood out about the new Buick, and definitely not the handling that they were touting so heavily.

    GM says this competes directly with the TSX, A4 (FWD), etc. I'd take a TSX or an A4 a MILLION times over the Regal, at least they can sort out their powertrains.

  2. "Vince, I HATED the Regal I drove at a GM press launch event 8 months ago. "

    It's not the Regal. And if you really drove one, you'd know that. So you're not being truthful. You just took this as an opportunity to rant for some reason. I will agree that any of the engine choices are not acceptable. But everyone whose reviewed it overwhelmingly gave it high marks.

    The other posts are correct. It's a Suzuki Kizashi,

  3. I agree with the previous poster's comment about the Regal being underpowered. I also drove one at GM's Regal Discovery tour. I thought my Prius was a dog until I got behind the wheel of the Regal.

  4. To: January 5, 2011 11:24 AM

    Next time you get invited to a press event, let me know.

    I bitch because I know what I am talking about. I am with a well known publication that sits on news stands, and not some random schmo from the Internet.

    The Regal hasn't received "high marks" and it certainly isn't hitting the high mark that GM has touted. It came in third in a three car comparo over at C&D against two vehicles that AREN'T new.


    Side note, the Kizashi is a fantastic vehicle.

  5. Yeah, the New Regal does not measure up at all. The Pontiac G* was a great car, why did't that become a hot Buick? GM is pathetic for sure.

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