2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

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Fans of the Z28 name will be disappointed. They will have to learn how to live with the ZL!.
Which is now the official name of the most powerful factory Camaro ever.
It is getting 550hp from its big 6.2 Liter V8.

I must say, I really have little interest in a 550hp car.
But I do like the Camaro very much, and the main news for me is the revised interior.
It looks like, besides the steering wheel, the dash has been modified as well.
But the navigation system is still missing. Unless they want to keep that as a surprise for later…

Pretty much every car above $20 000 now offers this as an option.

Here is the current interior.

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  1. I don't think they revised the interior as much as they've added a trim overlay on the dash. I've been looking at the Camaro (waiting for the convertible) and there are a number of interior trim packages that fiddle around with the dash, door panels and upholstery. I prefer the "old" steering wheel. It least it's Camaro-specific instead of being the same one they put in every GM car imaginable.

  2. wtf why did they put this GENERIC steering wheel in this car? what happened to the nice CAMARO steering wheel?

  3. The interior looks like it was designed by 8 year old jackasses so any change would make it more adult looking. The old steering wheel was incredibly infantile looking…Going for the 40-somethings who refuse to grow up and be men.

  4. The engine sounds great, the exterior package looks wicked and the interior only looks slightly different

  5. Okay.

    "I must say, I really have little interest in a 5500hp car."

    Vince, you must not have a pulse! I'd be VERY interested in a 5500 hp car!


  6. Taking a generic steering wheel off a Cruze to replace the mangled mess of its predecessor is the "old" GM thinking rearing its ugly head again. This is not a good sign of things to come.

  7. I guess they realized the Fog Light DRLs wasn't such a good idea so they separated them? They should make the ring around the HIDs the DRL (they'd have to make them brighter), but then again, I guess they don't want to get yelled at for copying BMW with halos, although it wouldn't be double in this case.

  8. AWESOME!!! Except for the generic steering wheel, I don't see any other changes with the interior either. The older steering wheel was hideous but at least it was somewhat original. The exterior looks great though. I wonder how much this thing will cost?

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