2012 COpel Astra coupe

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The sporty GTC version pictured here is supposed to be packing about 260hp from a turbo engine.

Pretty stunning looking car. Even though the previous generation, sold here as the Saturn Astra, was already good looking.

Maybe there is still a slight chance we could get this over here as a Buick Verano Coupe.

Who knows….

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  1. Please don't even JOKE about GM dumbing this down as a "Verano Coupe".. they need to bring it over immediately as the CHEVY Z24 and beat the Civic Si at its own game.

  2. Wasn't it supposed to come out with a new ecotec with 290hp? Maybe it's not ready yet? Nice car though. I believe it's better looking than ALL other small cars out there.

  3. I'd love to see it here…as long as they don't make us tolerate less powerful engines than what Europe gets.

  4. "…and beat the Civic Si at its own game."

    Pictures of the next Civic are everywhere. $1.99 will buy you a bag of white bread that will look better than a Honda.

    This Astra is sexy as hell. Not a bad line on it anywhere.

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