2012 Ford B-Max

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So a small Fiesta based mini, minivan is coming out after all.
Not sure if there is a market for this in the US or not. But it looks like it could be a hit in Europe…

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  1. It looks good overall and given its compact size it should draw a few looks on the streets. I'd love to see a sport version of it although i doubt it. I think they should also replace the current Fiesta commercial vans with 2-seat versions of this in Europe since it is bound to be more practical. Then again that may hurt sales of the Connect and Focus Van (if there is going to be another one)

  2. Ford is doing a great job with their design team. With gas prices going up again this would be a great alternative for young families. Ford should bring this to NA along side the C-Max and please, the S-MAX!!

  3. That interior is ghastly- Like staring into a Klingon vagina.

    LOL thats funny. The exterior color is also a bit odd.

  4. A natural evolution of the Fiesta, but why does it have to look like the separated-at-birth baby brother of the C-Max?

    I think Ford is about to create a lot of product confusion between the B-Max, C-Max, Fiesta and Focus.

    It's great to reflect the family genes, but each child must have some unique characteristics of its own–especially when it's a Ford product which will be reproduced by the zillions over the lifespan of these models.

  5. Looks like a giant hatchback or a giant Cygnet. I am not used to this new "B Max" styles… To me they just look like "mini-cars" blown up to resemble a mini van. I guess I am a purist.

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