2012 Honda Civic sedan

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Caught on a truck in Brazil, for some reason.

It is still hard to see, but it is an all new design. Not just a “facelift”.
Honda has put a lot of effort in making sure the new model looks like the old one.
I guess, in that way, it is a success.

Once the car is out, only owners of the current model might be able to tell the difference….

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  1. For a second I thought that car
    carrier was loaded with Camries. The back end lights give it just a
    little bit of Camriness.

  2. The back of it reminds me of the old Dodge Neon. I think Honda could have done better, but it seems like design is not important to Honda owners.

  3. I think the exterior looks acceptable – neither great nor terrible. My big questions are what the interior looks like and whether they've upgraded the mechanical systems: will the new model drive better, smoother, quieter than the previous generation?

  4. big deal, the next sentra due within 6-8 months is a real beauty. This real dud will open the door for the new sentra .

  5. Wow…that front end….they really did put too much effort into making it look the same. The differences don't justify the redesign. They could have kept the current model for 10 years and it would have sold just as strong. The rear end definitely screams 2002-2004 Camry. Maybe it was a tactic to confuse Toyota owners? But then again the Crosstour looks like it as well. At least the rear doesn't look like a depresssed Audi A4 any more…

  6. Curious that the new Accord did pretty well in the new 2011 US Gov Crash Tests, but this Civic did really bad–kind of a "death trap". Combine that with dead-pan styling and a track-record of more problems than the average car in this class (ESPECIALLY the Hybrid)and I think they have a loser. Not good, Honda. So bad on so MANY levels. They REALLY NEEDED this to be a giant leap foward and it's still stuck with all the problems of the last 5 years.

  7. Honda designers are the underachievers of the Automotive World. You could get better designs from a 4th grade art class.

  8. Someone say Sentra? LOL That car has been a joke since 1995. Too bad bcause the 91-94 was such a great car. The latest Generation has been a bigger joke. I just can't believe Nissan has the ability to go from it's current crapfest Sentra to an amazing one in one step. I used to be a loyal Nissan Ownner (had 5 in a row- had nothing but Nissan from 1985-2007), but they lost me when Ghosn (sp?) came in and started cost cutting, became part of Renault, not to mention when Maxima turned into a CVT only offering. A TRUE 4-door sports car is not CVT driven. Oh well….I gotta see this to believe it.

  9. RIP Honda Civics, you were popular and loved, now Mazda 3 overtook your spot with their smiley faces. Go Mazda Go, Zoom Zoom!

  10. Are you sure this isn't just a refresh? This is the best Honda could do even after being delayed a year?
    The Honda of old is gone 🙁

  11. The new one looks a bit less infantile.

    Like an 8-week old baby is less infantile than a 7-week old.

    Neon? NO.
    Camry? Sorta, but tinier.
    Saturn Ion? Dead on! (from behind)
    Front looks like the generic civic face from a decade (or two?) ago.

    Honda: FAIL!

    Hyundai will have Honda for lunch–AGAIN!

    And Ford & GM will take whatever Hyundai doesn't.

    Too bad blind people don't buy cars.

  12. What is wrong with Honda these days?

    We have pretty much lost interest in possibly buying a Honda back when they got rid of the Civic (3-door) hatchback… (and the 3 -door Hybrid CR-Z is 22,000 dollars? No thanks).

    Almost any car , on any other automakers'dealership lots, looks better than this… and the lack of a hatchback version(vs the soon-to-be-released Ford Focus 2012 model… which has, at least, a 5 door version, that looks decent)… this may not be a good deal for Honda.

  13. It amazes me how people buy or don't buy a car based on looks. Buy a car for looks do ya? Enjoy your time at the shop and have fun with your crappy resale. I buy what is the BETTER car. Honda may have lost their sights a bit lately (Accord, CRZ and Crosstour anyone?), but I can bet you this Civic will be the better of all the cars in it's class. Honda seems to do best with it's smaller vehicles (minus the CRZ) thsn it's larger cars.

  14. Just because Honda's are ugly, doesn't mean they're more reliable. I tried my luck on 2 Hondas and an Acura and of the last 21 cars I bought new; the most problematic, and most expensive to keep on the road were those 3. And we're talking FAR FAR more problems than my Jag, 3 Dodges, 2 Mercs, a Cadillac and several BMWS. I wouldn't waste my time on another Honda product if it was totally redesigned and you gave it to me free. Life is too short. I think the ONLY people who drink the Honda Kool-Aid theses days are folks who haven't owned anything else for the last 10 years (and therefore have nothing to compare it to). Yes, for them ignorance IS bliss apparently.

  15. Thats funny, Jags are one of the worse cars for reliability (my dad was a mechanic and worked on them constantly). Guess there is a Honda Hater lurking…

    I drink NO Honda Kool-aid, My high is that I have had mine for 4 years since new…only Brand new car I ever had that had Zero issues under warranty…and none yet either. And this was my 1st Honda. Guess I got lucky. 2007 Si Sedan.

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