2012 Hyundai Elantra Coupe

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Not sure if this is the real thing or not.
But Hyundai as announced a few days ago that the new Elantra will be getting a coupe version this spring.

Looks like the new Hyundai will be the 2012 Civic’s worst nightmare…

Nobody else seems to be offering both a sedan and a coupe in that segment.
Plus, a 5 door hatchback is also coming soon.

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  1. Yes, 100% right. I forgot about the Forte.
    Even though I test drove both the sedan and coupe versions.
    Both very nice.

    I guess Kia and Hyundai being the same company, I forgot…

  2. This could be the real deal. Proportions look right. Pinched rear window glass just like they fake with plastic on the sedan.

  3. …. why? It looks like a melted Kia Forte, which itself looks like a Korean copy of a Civic coupe.

    Hyundai now has the Veloster, Kia Forte, a rumored Sonata coupe, Genesis coupe, and who knows what else? Point is, too many coupes! Who's going to buy all these coupes? I'm sure that some of these models will also cannibalize sales from each other.

  4. I've been a Honda fan for the longest time. Nowadays it just looks like they've the lost the way. Saw the new Odyssey yesterday in the flesh for the first time – what were they thinking?

  5. After sitting in the new Kia's and Hyundai's, I give them the award for having the worst seats in the business. They are hard, narrow and the cushion tilts upward toward the front which is so awkward and uncomfortable. Also, the interior door handles feel so cheap, like they will break off in a couple years. Their transaction prices are not low anymore and with the worst resale in the business, why would anyone choose this brand over Toyota or Honda?

  6. Front looks little bit like CRZ, back little bit like RSX.

    I think the upcoming Civic Coupe looks lot better.

    But look at the Corolla. Not even available in sporty coupe and still best seller… Seems people are not buying for the looks.

  7. Only someone who has absolutely no concept of great modern design/style (or is just threatened be Korean makes) could deny that this thing's stunning.

  8. I also saw a new Honda Odyssey for the first time yesterday and had a true WTF moment. How so many people worked on that design and thought it was a good idea boggles the mind.

  9. Way to trap in the Civic and non existant Cruze Coupe! I still think ford is making a mistake by forgetting that the Focus Coupe ever existed.

  10. Anyone else think of the very first Datsun 200SX? I'd love to see fastback shapes like this on the street.

  11. Very nice. and when I saw it, I said 'Civic Coupe'. Then I looked at the Civic Coupe and realized that Honda doesnt make beautiful designs like this anymore – sadly.

    Whoever commented about the Odyssey, hit it right on the money. Its blunt and plain, and keeping with the travesty of designs Honda has been pumping out lately. The Odyssey, CrossTour, Insight…. and soon the new Civic is about to join those ranks this spring. Anyone wanna guess what the new CRV (next fall) will be like? The Honda I used to love and buy from is dead and the sooner I realize it, the better off I'll be. I didnt want to face it, but its true…Hyundai IS the new Honda.

  12. Honda world wide, not just NorthAmerica, is in crisis. Even their strong suit (engine and drive trains) is under attack and they're falling behind because of stubborn leadership. Think about it: any Honda's out there with dual clutch systems? direction injection? urea injection? They blew all their effort on bad hybrid designs that failed to gain market traction, and believing that their VTEC lean burn systems would save them. Then, along came the 2015 regs, and terrible designs. Well, the game's been turned upside down and Hyundai isnt resting on its laurels. It wont help to hire their designers away from them if you have the same corporate constipation you had before. Just stop trying to make us believe that there are big things coming up. Hyundai isnt just eating your lunch… its giving you walking papers.

  13. This will be a perfect car for secretaries and shampoo girls. It'll sell ten times what the Scion TC will.

  14. HAH!! Everyone's talking about the side profile of the new MB C-Class Coupe being a ripoff of the Accord Coupe.

    Check out the 'pinch' in the rear window of this Elantra Coupe… Looks like MB isn't the only one copying Honda's look these days!!

  15. Soul Brother No. 7 said…
    Anyone else think of the very first Datsun 200SX? I'd love to see fastback shapes like this on the street.

    Agree – fastbacks über alles
    they should be liftbacks!

    …is it?

  16. "This will be a perfect car for secretaries and shampoo girls."

    This is a great car for anyone who has any common sense…..

    Could you imagine this baby with the turbo engine and some real suspension work?

  17. This car looks great! I realize it may be an illustration but it seems believable. I personally am looking forward to the 5 door version when it comes out but would purchase a 4 door.

    I agree with an anonymous poster where they say that Toyota and Honda is falling behind. I believe that they can't count on their name and reputation to keep them ahead sales wise anymore. HOWEVER… I believe that Honda does make a car that, with the exception of infrastructure problems, is technologically superior to everything else out there including the Volt. The Honda Clarity.

    I agree with another Anonymous poster where they say that it'll outsell the Scion tC. But the perfect car for "secretaries and shampoo girls"???

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