2012 Lexus GS

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Let’s just hope this is just an illustration.
It has an RX sedan feel to it that just doesn’t work. At least for me.

Lexus and Toyota in general needs to seriously rethink their whole design philosophy.
Same goes for Honda.

Their designs have been boring for so long, that now they are going into weird directions.

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  1. Why are you posting such a terrible photoshop?

    That is obviously a bad photoshop of the Lexus CT model, not the new GS.

  2. Vince your really anti-toyota/honda? you know theyre still gonna outsell your belove chevy/ford product. At least hon-yota gotta better quality and durability than your chev-ford. Just my facts.

  3. toyota builds dangerous cars that they can't trust themselves….recalling cars steady for safety issues, 2.17 million yesterday, right Vince, apparently…haha!

  4. Yes it's a photoshop and yes we know Hon-Yota doesn't get much love around this site. But he is right about the design direction. They should be more up to Hyundai standards. YOU know, designs that look like melting candles and that will be outdated before the car hits MMC refresh.

    And by the way, I thought this car was a Honda Accord.

  5. The GS was supposed to be the sportier model. I sure don't see a sport sedan under all that bulk.

    But as Anonymous noted above, people buy Lexus for reliability, not style. I think the average age for Lexus buyers is 60. So, they're just playing it safe with their core demographic.

  6. It is not a photoshop photo and confirmed to look exactly like this except that it is good looking and stylish in person.

  7. Why does everyone bash Toyota on this site? If you do any research all other automakers release just as many or more recalls… It's just that the volume of these cars sold makes the numbers look terrible… It's not their fault that educated buyers choose them still over nissan or gm! And BTW, I've seen the new GS specs and design cues and this pic doesn't match up!

  8. "Wow this looks to be a mashup of EVERY bad feature of the lexus line" with plenty of Avalon and Scion tC thrown in. The three generations of GS have always been sportier-looking and more controversial than their stodgier competition.. the next one should be a proper "4-door coupe", not a wannabe Avalon.

  9. What a Toyota mess, perfectly in tune with the mess that is the recall fiasco that is in full swing! The road back will be hard, there will be dark days ahead, there will be battles on the road….lies catch up, be resolute, but not loyal to this beast.

  10. Vince, love the site, been on it for years, since the beginning. I still dislike toyotas though……..

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