2012 Saab 9-5 Combi

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One good looking wagon.

Great news for Saab.

It’s just too bad the sedan is already priced so high. And this will probably have to be even more expensive….

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  1. Beautiful for sure. Not sure why you think the price will be so high. The 9-5's in our local showroom are listing at $43 loaded. The Volvo V70's are listing at the same. The Merc's E-class wagon is listing in the mid-60's and up.

    Seems reasonable for a low-40's price point to me.

  2. It's a beautiful looking wagon, and it's a shame that the MSRP will be priced way to high. Thankfully, I'm sure there will be 8-12,000 discounts down the line like there are currently on the 2010 Saabs. The resale values won't be pretty!

  3. Nuts to buy a Saab because the company's future is so uncertain.

    If you MUST drive a Saab, would be smart to lease it if lease isn't too costly.

    Likely that Saab resale value will be horrible, so at the end of the lease, you'd just turn it in.

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