2012 US Passat Commercial

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I still think this looks like a classy, upscale car.
Something that might just work for VW.

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  1. That is a funny TV spot!!! It's :60 so might appear during super bowl. Well done VW. My son is cracking up.

  2. Look close at the trailer's fine print at the end. Model shown is $32,900 plus freight. That's hardly a $20,000 car.

  3. 32,000??!!?!? HAHAHAHA. Next!

    Great Commercial. Wrong Product.

    This would have worked better in 2005/2006, but not now (even more so because it would be on the coat tails of SW: Ep III)

  4. save tons of money and worries and buy a 2011 Kia Optima ! also it wont look like you payed 15 for that jetta ooops Passat .

  5. sat in the new passat at the DC auto show tonight – the interior is top notch, puts the camcord to shame – vw did a great job inside and the outside comes off as conservative but attractive. It is definitely a volkswagen through and through. also sat in the new optima…..everyone mid-size car company should be very afraid. every detail of that car is superb.

  6. If only VWs were half as interesting as their ads . . .

    Toyota has ALWAYS put more into marketing than engineering&Design and it's made Mr. Toyoda a very wealthy man!

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