2012 VW Beetle teaser

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Apparently they will be showing a full commercial this coming Sunday.

I had no idea this was coming out so soon.
Good news.

As I said before I was lucky enough to see the car in person last year.
And while it is not as great of a design as the current car, it still does look like a Bug. Even if VW has tried very hard to force straight lines into what is basically a round car.

It feels more upscale inside, even though it now uses a lot of “regular” VW parts.
And prices will be down from the current car.

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  1. Hmmm – Hyundai's launching a new car on the same day. There are teaser ads on YouTube that direct you to compactconspiracy.com.

  2. Several undisguised photo's already leaked last week. See Car and Driver blog and Edmunds.

    On those photo's looks very similar just stretched in the middle.

  3. The pictures from last week are still disguised.
    They do not show the new front and rear of the 2012 car.
    On the 2012, the rear lights are not round anymore. And the front end is also all new.
    Bumpers are not curved anymore either….

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