2012 VW Tiguan

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More, and better pictures of the slightly revised 2012 Tiguan.

Not much news inside. But it’s always been a very nice interior.

I think VW needs to offer the Diesel version here, making the Tiguan a bit more special.
Just like they do with the Jetta Wagon. Which is pretty popular over here.

Currently, the Tiguan starts at around $24 000 in the US.
While the ugly and aging Ford Escape Hybrid is priced at almost $31 000!

I am sure VW can offer a diesel Tiguan over here for much less.

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  1. The spy pictures of the next Ford Escape show a more edgier design which should make this design old-fashioned for sure.

    This design is pretty much same as it was before (and I think pretty conservative and boring). But that's in line with VW design strategy overall.

  2. Dash looks crude compared to the latest Edge, Equinox & Journey. But certainly good enough to out sell CRV (CRaP?) & Highlander (Lowlifer?)

  3. Vince, you are so VERY wrong.

    The $24,000 Tiguan is the BASE model. VW has never offered the TDI on their bare bones stripper model.

    This will be $30,000+ when all is said and done with. The Tiguan is a rip off. Don't forget about VWs terrible reliability ratings/history and their abysmal residual values.

    "Anonymous said…
    Dash looks crude compared to the latest Edge, Equinox & Journey. But certainly good enough to out sell CRV (CRaP?) & Highlander (Lowlifer?)

    February 4, 2011 10:56 AM"

    Dude, I don't even like Honda but there is NOTHING wrong with the CR-V. It has been the best selling SUV in the US since 2007.

    It isn't the best at any one thing, but it is very good at nearly everything. It is balanced, that is why it sells.

    The current sales rate for the CR-V to Tiguan is about 19:1.

  4. The current sales rate for the Big Mac to Ruth Christ's Steakhouse is about 19:1.

    What exactly does that prove?

    The CRV appeals to two groups:
    1) People who hate cars
    2) People who think a car has to be Ugly to be "good" (eg; "With a look like the CRV, it HAS to be good") The old Smuckers Jam marketing ploy (which actually sells a LOT of jam!)

    And Ugly, substandard Hondas!

  5. The TDI would work great in a smaller SUV. I have a BMW X5 35D and this vehicle had made me a diesel fan. nice to go over 500 miles on a tank at 24 mpg in a near full size SUV.
    Tiguan would be too big for the TDI 2.0
    and sure it would go over $30k when optioned.

  6. The interior does look nice.

    But I'd be very nervous getting a VW, based on my friends' bad experiences with their VWs and terrible stories about dealer experiences.

    This car would only be tempting if it came with a well-tested diesel engine that gave it an honest 30 mpg. Even then, probably not…

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