2013 Mercedes CLA

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It is widely rumored that the next A-Class will be available as a 4 door sedan, as well as the regular 5 door hatchback.
Mercedes is thinking about the US market for the sedan. Just like Audi is with the next A3. Which will also come as a sedan as well as a hatch.

But the small Mercedes sedan might actually be more like a compact CLS than a regular sedan.
What they call, wrongly, a 4 door coupe.

We’ll see…

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  1. What is wrong with calling that car a 4-door coupe? Do you feel like others that coupe are just not supposed to have 4 doors? Because it's not much of a sedan (sedan being more upright)

  2. BTW, I don't think a front-drive Mercedes will ever go over well in the US. Especially not one as ill-proportioned as this.

  3. They might as well call it the Mercedes-Benz FCS.. since it looks almost identical to the upcoming Focus sedan.

  4. It looks like the new Ford Focus… not sure why anyone would pay a price premium for it when they could just get that car instead.

  5. I think, This diminutive elector module support on the aforementioned papers as the redesigned A and B Class..

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