2013 Toyota Camry

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This is, of course, just an illustration.
But I think it does look pretty good.

Something that modern is exactly what Toyota needs to compete with all these new models coming out.
The Camry now faces competition from cars that were not in most buyer’s mind when the current model came out.
Like the new Sonata and Optima.
But the Malibu will be all new very soon. And a redesigned Fusion is coming up too.

I think they need something really good looking this time…

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  1. Nice to see toyota FINALLY starting to catchup to Chrysler & GM. How much longer to we have to wait for Lexus to get there???

  2. Vince, You'er Crazy, that illustration has no style! Do you want mainstream America to be devoid of any style at all? Not only no style, but patently Ugly! If I were in Toyota's corner I would hope that's not it! BUT I'M NOT! I live in America and root for America to win! NOT the Japanese! I sincerely hope this is the next Camry!!

  3. Uh oh, Toyota is in trouble. This is too flashy for a Camry. Dorks who wear pleated chinos will have to defect to Honda.

  4. Agree, they are at least thinking in the right direction. Right now their marshmellow desings put me to sleep, this is cool

  5. Looks like a cross between and Oldsmobile Intrigue and a Chrysler 300. Different, but it works… definately an improvement over the current invisible model.

  6. Toyota's take on Oldsmobile. Nice, clean, efficient design, but it does not make me want to run out and buy one.
    The only thing this concept will have in common with the production car will be the emblems on the hood and trunk.
    Buick's Lacrosse looks sweet. Can someone photoshop this with a Lacross beltline contour. Just courious.

  7. It totally looks like an Oldsmobile, which is a definite step up for Toyota.

    The main questions is, will they resist the urge to make every component a piece of crap? I'm talking about seats that collapse after 30,000 miles, dashboards that feel like they came out of a (base) 1978 Malibu, fasteners that rust solid after a single winter, etc, etc.

  8. The Nissan Altima outsold both the Camry and Accord in Canada for 2010. Why? Better Looking, #1 in Midsize in consumer reports for Quality, why not is the Question. In Canada, they are certainly on track.

  9. Front looks like Olds Aurora, side Cadillac/Chrysler or even previous gen Lexus IS. By the time it's released it's even more toned down.

  10. I like the side view, but…. why would Toyota pay homage to an Oldsmobile Aurora for it's front end design? That's sick!

  11. @Anonymous: I live in America and want America to 'win' too. First off, let me point out that many of the American competitors are built in America, so, while profits may return home, our economy still benefits in many ways from their success here. Now, back to the 'winning' point. Competition is the key to winning. If the competitors are creating outstanding vehicles, then that is going to drive US automakers to create even better vehicles. We can already see that the big three are stepping up their game and they are starting to be more successful. "Buy American" only goes so far. Americans have shown that they aren't going to buy a hunk of junk just because it's made in the USA. Thankfully, the big three have finally got the message.

  12. Interesting new design language. I'd like to see them go rear-drive like that production-look NASCAR coupe they had on the auto show circuit.

    LOL@ the CAPTCHA being a slur of "derelict"–"durilyc"

  13. the design theme is called the "sculpid fluture", which takes after the fluidic sculpture from Hyundai.

  14. hope toyota removes the "floats like a boat" crappy suspension in the current camry, and fixes the woefully inaccurate and sloppy steering that is always in need of major corrections just to stay in a lane.

  15. I actually kind of like the direction of this…it'll never make production – but I like the lights and can see what they're trying to do for muscular stance.

  16. Toyota won't release anything that looks like this , until everyone else have done something better, and it looks appropriately bland in comparison

  17. I don't like this design language at all.

    What the Camry needs is to improve its mechanical bits and ensure it drives better and goes further on a gallon of gas than its competitors.

    Its current styling is pleasant and neutral and could remain unchanged for a while longer.

    If they could produce a proper station wagon (NOT the Venza, which doesn't have much space and gets terrible mileage), even better.

  18. I hate Toyota, but even I am willing to admit, that's a pretty nice looking design. Hopefully they keep the larger wheels and tires that really give the car an athletic stance. It definitely would help their cars not feel so much like appliances if they made them look more like this.

  19. " Anonymous said…
    The Nissan Altima outsold both the Camry and Accord in Canada for 2010. Why? Better Looking, #1 in Midsize in consumer reports for Quality, why not is the Question. In Canada, they are certainly on track.

    February 26, 2011 6:44 AM"

    #1 for quality by Consumer Reports?

    Ummm FALSE.

    The V6 Altima was rated #1 by Consumer Reports for their ROAD TEST, not for quality. It beat the Honda Accord by 1 or two points in its road testing.

    The Honda Accord wins for the four cylinder midsize sedans, beating the Altima by a couple points.

    Honda was #1 when it came to reliability, owner satisfaction, and quality. All of this data is available online if you have a subscription to CR.

    Might want to do some research…

  20. I think i like this, but I feel that I've seen it before. The front resembles a concept from Mercury or Oldsmobile. The side profile looks like a Taurus. All of these elements look good to me, but unless Toyota is changing who they are in a very profound way, this will not resonate with Toyota loyalists. Also, there is absolutely no way that Toyota would use low-profile tires. Simply too problematic for typical Toyota owners.

  21. Too futuristic for conservative Toyota. Maybe the last attempt to get some customers under the age of 60… will never happen

  22. I am now interested to buy a Camry, i specially like the front view of this car, really its just awesome.

  23. The side view is very stylish but the front needs a little something more. I was really looking forward to the new model but not quite sure on about this one. I have 3 now but I have owned a total of 6 over the last 20 years.

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