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It is now official.
What looked like a bad photoshop illustration will be a real car after all…

It is basically a wagon version of the cute and already very roomy Honda Fit. Not sure who was asking for it.

Now it’s a bit roomier, and uglier. Like an early 80’s Japanese concept car ugly….

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  1. Looks prettier than Prius V imo don't see why this looks worse than Fit really.

    That said the design is typical for JDM and not US market.

  2. The Fit is pricey, and "loud inside/built like a tin can"(according to the spouse).

    We test drove the regular Fit, saw the price, and got a Ford Focus, instead(the only thing is this is a hatchback, and the current Focus isn't).

    A larger Fit…like this, might be interesting… if the cars were as good as older Hondas(you had a good car, no matter what the price)… and the designs were more interesting, instead of looking like something that has already been in an accident.

  3. Vince, this thing REALLY isn't that bad. The wheels that Honda put on it absolutely KILLED it though.

    I saw a photoshop a couple weeks ago where someone had shopped in some nice wheels and tinted the windows and I have to say it looked pretty damn good.

    Regardless, this looks a million times better than the Prius MPV!

  4. The design is a little disjointed like every Honda and Toyota. And it'll be an invisible blandmobile just like every Honda and Toyota. Mazda and Nissan are the only japanese brands that hire real designers… and I'm not even so sure about those two lately.

  5. This must be the replacement for the previous JDM Airwave wagon that was also based on Fit mechanicals.

  6. Honda and Acura, I have one piece of advice for increasing your profits:


    It is time….

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