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The i40 is basically the European version of our Sonata.
But Hyundai will reveal a wagon version first. Which might or might not be sold in the US later.
But it seems that although the cars are related, they are not quite the same.
The top picture reveal a similar, but actually different interior for the European model.

Same outside.
The i40 isn’t just a wagon version of the Sonata. There is quite a bit of new stuff here.

Not sure if it could be sold as a Sonata wagon in the US….

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  1. This is definitely the i40 (Sonata). Not the Elantra Touring. The proportions of this artwork doesn't render the true size of the car very well. But it IS true that they gave it "Elantra" looks. I don't know why they would do something like this however. But I don't see a problem calling it the Sonata Touring and selling it in the US, the Elantra and the Elantra Touring don't look alike either.

  2. That top photo looks like a cheap knock-off the the new Dodge Journey dash (which actually looks pretty good)

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