All new Lancia Ypsilon

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It’s finally here. After years of spy shots all around the web.

And the real thing does look like a Mini Delta, which is good.

This has a good chance to end up over here as a small Chrysler.

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  1. This could win over the Beverly Hills-Melrose crowd. Esp. with such details as the stitching design in the seats. The overall shape of this and the Delta make me think Lancia designers have been around Nissan crossovers too long. The grille is ready for Chrysler-brand duty however. We can use more luxury small cars (is this B-segment?)

  2. Am I seeing things… or are the speedometer, etc… over the top of the radio?

    I hope not(at least for the Chrysler version… if they only change 1 thing… I hope this is it… Put the guages in front of the driver…. even Toyota is changing the 2012 Yaris to have the guages In Front of the driver… not by the radio, or whatever).

    This would be a deal killer for us… well before the vehicle is even introduced to the USA.

  3. Lancia is a very small brand which aims at an even smaller market. More than 80% of all built Lancias stay in Italy. So in the end it is a small car made by and for Europeans. The seats might look melted, the speedo is in the middle etc. etc. but this was always the case with small Lancias. To sum it up: It is a special car for a small crowd.

    It really bugs me to read comments like "What an ugly car!". Yes, it is special, different and maybe even unique. But ugly?

    Look at a Ssanggyong Action or Rodius. Then, we can talk again.

  4. Everything looks great!–EXCEPT if the gauges are in the center of the dash it will suffer the same poors sales that the Nissn minivan suffered (due entirely to gauges being in the middle of the dash).

    That just doen't fly in the USA.

  5. Okay, I generally like anything from Italy, but this is seriously horrendous. I don't know how else to say it. Rully rully bad.

  6. Gotta give credit to Lancia for being unique and having the guts to design a car like this. Overall its gonna be a love it or hate car but i'm kinda of fond of it myself.

  7. I have always liked the last gen murano design. And im happy to see it translated into another brand. Come on Chrysler id trade my elantra for this.

  8. if no one can stand cars with central speedometers, then why are there so many damn Mini's out there?? for a car this small, a central speedo is not really too far removed from one in front of the driver, whereas a nissan quest had like 2 feet in between where it should have been and where it was…

    if a mini can sell so well with one, why cant this stylish small car??

  9. if a mini can sell so well with one, why cant this stylish small car??

    The mini is a quirky novelty.

    This has a more upscale look, so it may be a problem here. Same as it's a problem in a $30-$40k minivan.

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