Audo A3 sedan concept

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We’ve known for a while that the next generation A3 will be available as a hatchback as well as a new sedan version.

Audi will show us a concept version of the sedan at the Geneva Auto Show.
The concept will be powered by a turbo five cylinder engine with over 400hp.

Don’t expect anything like that in the production model any time soon.

The design is what to be expected from Audi: more of the same. It just looks like a small A4.
At 175 inches long, it is just about an inch longer than a Fiesta sedan , and 5 inches shorter than a Mazda3 sedan.

Quite a small car.
Could be pretty interesting….

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  1. putting a 5 cylinder in a car of this size seems pretty unnecessary. It must weigh >3500 lbs. terrible for a car of this size

  2. Looks like an A 4 which looks like an A 6 which looks like an A 8. Very impressive how designers are full of new ideas.

  3. I like it but I'm sure this thing is gonna end up costing over $40k after all the nickle and diming is done. With over 400hp though, this thing is gonna be a rocket!

  4. An Audi looks like an Audi like an Audi – which is good and bad. I think it is bad because – despite what they say about dramatic, aggressive, broad shoulders and so on – if all the collection looks the same you get bored after a while. So this will be another boring attempt. But – people seem to like it – especially in Europe. So it is hard to ague with success – even though most of the Audis are leased, company cars or rentals. For an average income person they are too expensive to buy and maintain.

  5. It reminds me of the original A4. I loved the size of that model. Everyone doesnt need a big car, even though they want 4 doors and some luxury. This will also soften the blow of the Jetta going horribly down-market, as this will be the spiritual successor to the "real Jetta". Now if they just offer a higher output TDI model
    (180+ hp), Im sold.

  6. I can't believe the production model will be that small. The A4 has grown larger… Can the new A3 be smaller than a Mazda3?

    As for the looks, we can be sure the real car won't be squashed like these drawings.

  7. The problem with these small 4 door cars is the back seats are pretty much useless except for grocery bags.

  8. Small sedans like this have back seats that can accommodate the occasional passenger, which is just what many people need. Most people are driving cross-country with a carload of six-foot tall passengers. The B5 and B6 Audi A4 were perfect IMO. I like the current A4 also, but it's grown into something that looks a bit too conventional. The idea of an A3 sedan is a really good idea.

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