The Electric Rolls Royce is coming.

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I never though I would see this.

Rolls Royce is actually working on an electric version of the Phantom sedan.
They will be showing a concept of it at the upcoming Geneva auto show.

We’ll see if it ever makes it into production, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in a few years.

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  1. Great idea!!! I like the light up hood ornament too…. as long as they don't make it too bright as to interfere with the drivers vision.

  2. By no means am I surprised, but I will be surprised if it endsup being a phantom. The car is heavy. Even though there are lite weight materials used. There would be no need for that huge engine bay either. Unless it's stuffed w batteries. Either way still great

  3. The most expensive type of propulsion (electric) meets the most expensive status symbol (Rolls). A perfect way for the rich (Politicians, Movie Stars, and Unions Bosses) to bring more toxic cadnium/lithium/lead/mercury heavy-metal batteries in touch with our lakes, landfills and environment. All in the name of politically-correct environmentalism. Finally, a car as big as Al Gores ego!

  4. imagine if rolls lost the flying lady like jag lost the cat body? WTF were they thinking….please bring back the jag hood ornament

  5. Bad idea.. that crystal hood ornament will be easily snapped off when this nearly silent three-ton barge mows down unsuspecting Libyan protesters while driven across the desert!

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