Infiniti M56 S test Drive.

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I think the new Infiniti M is one of these cars that some people hate. And others, maybe not love, but really like.
When I first saw pictures of it, I thought it had a melted look that wasn’t very attractive.
But things are much better in person. At least for me.
I think the car is attractive, and quite impressive in person.
Especially with the 20 inch fitted to my test car.

It sure is a million times better looking than the new E class from Mercedes. And has more personality than the new A6.

But I sure like the new BMW 5 series’s “quiet, modern yet expensive look”.

A more subtle approach to luxury…


The interior of my test car did not have the weird an tacky airbrushed looking wood trim.
I guess it is only in the V6 version. Or the stunning dark wood trim I had was maybe part of the $2000 sport package.

Either way, the interior impressed me very much.
Everything feels ultra solid, And the attention to detail is amazing.
I have to say, this is one of the most impressive interior I have experienced.

Although there were still a few details missing.

Like an auto up feature for the windows. Which is weird at this pricepoint.

Or an adjustable center armrest. Another thing I would expect.

And the headrests don’t adjust forward, they do in most European cars.

The stereo sounded great. Although I am still not sure it needs 16 speakers.

Everything you touch feels amazing. Every nob has a special texture.
The shapes whitin the doors match the design of the interior dome lights, etc…

It is quite a wonderful place to be….



The ride is very stiff. Maybe too much for most.
Although the platform is very solid and there is never a rattle or a squeak, you feel everything. Every ripple and bumps.
I was fine with it.
I think most people spending close to $70 000 in a luxury sedan might want something a bit smoother.


Same thing for the steering.
It is quite firm. Which is great.

This is a car that gives you plenty of feedback when you drive.


This 5.6 Liter V8 produces an amazing 420hp.
And you feel them all the time.
It is really like driving a muscle car. Except you barely hear anything.

It felt like a quiet Camaro SS at some times.
Quite an amazing feeling.

It is rated at 16MPG in the City and 25 on the HWY.
I got about 14 in the city.
But the transmission has an “Eco” mode. Which in effect, zaps all power from the car. Turning it into a giant Prius .
But I did get 17MPG around town on the Eco mode.

Although I would never use it it this was my car.
There is just no power left, like if the car started in 3rd gear, and shifted to 7th right away…

But. I did use it on the freeway. Where it’s OK to just cruise around at around the speed limit. And I did get a quite amazing 31MPG there.
So I think the Eco mode does has some value, and there is a benefit to it, at least on the freeway.


The Infiniti M56 is quite an amazing car.
But pricey.
It starts at $57 500, and my test model, including a few packages, was almost $68 000.
Which is in line with the V8 competition.

But the V6 version already has 330hp, which is plenty.
And should be much more attractive for most.
A hybrid version is coming soon as well. Getting more power than the V6, and rated at 24/32 MPG.

But if you want a luxury car that drives like a true muscle car. This is it….

Infiniti M56 S from Vince Burlapp on Vimeo.

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  1. The ride quality would kill it for me. Not many people want to pay $70K for a luxury muscle car with an annoyingly stiff ride. Nissan needs to figure out how to balance ride quality with handling.. they are the worst in the industry at this.

  2. $68,000 for an Infiniti? They are out of their mind!!! I guess their strategy is if customers think that they pay a premium price they will get a premium vehicle. This is all on the outside and it has no substance.

    This vehicle is still outrageously overwrought and ugly. Everything about it is too bulbous and overstyled and it carries over to the interior. It is all awful

    Vince, sure, this looks more interesting than the E Class but I'll tell you one thing for sure, it certainly won't age well. Mercedes has always had timeless designs that look fantastic even after 20 years.

    I think the last generation G and M sedans have aged terribly, especially the G.

    I'll take ANY of its competition 1000x over it. Also, keep in mind the Genesis R-Spec is coming with a HIGHER horsepower V8 and its price will likely undercut this by $20,000.

  3. Good review. I'm suprised that the "eco" mode works as much as it does. Wow! I like the looks of this car myself but the one awkward area, I think, is the area around the nav screen. The vents look cheap. I think if they redesigned the screen area and moved the vents to the sides of the screen then I think it would look better. I've read a lot of complaints on the stiff suspension. It sounds like it could be softened up a bit.

  4. "million times better looking than the new E class from Mercedes"

    I never thought I would be defending Mercedes, but you must be joking or you're taking some really good mind altering substances!

  5. This Infiniti is still $10,000 or more less than a comparable BMW or Mercedes. I guarantee the windows have an auto up, it was probably not programmer on your test car. Roll the windows all the way down. Then hold the button to roll them up for 5 seconds after the window is closed. That's all it takes to program, unlike my BMW which made me go to the dealer.

  6. drive a mercedes, then a lexus, than this chic brute…..the infiniti/nissan is head and shoulders ahead

  7. I was actually struck at how obviously "plush Nissan" this interior still was when compared to the German competitors. I sat in the new A6 and this and there was simply NO comparison. The A6 blew this away…

  8. Tis car does seem rather Spartan and lacking for $70K. Its level of performance and luxury is available in a lot of cars that cost 3/4, even 2/3 of the price. If Cadillac had a mid-line V8 CTS (engine already in GM's parts bin), Infiniti couldn't possibly justify pricing this car that high.

  9. I'll agree with that other posters thinking that this is far too much money for a Infiniti. Crazy money for an ugly car without a proper reputation.

    It just looks like they overdid it from every single angle. Vince, I agree with you the wood in the regular car is hideous, it looks like fake wood even though it isn't.

    This car is ugly, ugly, UGLY, even in person. The base model is even more ugly with the small wheels in the HUGE wheel arches.

    "Anonymous said…
    drive a mercedes, then a lexus, than this chic brute…..the infiniti/nissan is head and shoulders ahead

    February 16, 2011 9:17 AM"

    Chic brute? How is this thing chic at ALL?

    As far as what? Certainly not cache or a car that actually is restrained. I don't want a $70,000 car that rides like a buckboard.

    I'll take the E-Class with 4Matic, thanks.

  10. This car is a lot bigger than the CTS. And have you felt the dash of a CTS? Not anywhere near the level of luxury offered here.

  11. $70,000 – Are you kidding me? I guess the last time I priced Japanese luxury models, the yen must have been way down.

  12. This car doesn't look good on the road. I haven't looked closely at the interior, so I'll have to take your word that it's as amazing as you say it is. I have never liked the Japanese Zen Garden styling of Infiniti vehicles and feel that the flow-ey flowery lines rendered in plastic and vinyl are not very attractive. I do like the speedometer design though. And the switchgear that Infiniti uses lately is worlds above what they used to offer.

  13. "I agree Sam Christian Anderson, hans down the Infiniti is much better than the Audi!"

    I think you're confused. He's saying that the Audi is superior to this Infiniti. And he's correct. This M will be as successful as the previous M's.

  14. Infiniti has a peculiar preference. It chooses base wheels that make the cars look like crap, but drive nice. Unfortunately, by the time you move up to the size of wheels that look really nice, the ride becomes crappy. Oh well…crap!

  15. I think they went way overboard on the styling of this car.

    I saw someone mention it in one of the first comments, but you could get that new Hyundai Genesis R Spec for like $46,000 and literally save $24,000. That money would go straight into my kids college fund and I'd have a vehicle that I like much more and have a MUUUUCCHHHH longer warranty. Plus people wouldn't call me dumb for spending $70,000 on a Infiniti.

    I'd rather give my money to Hyundai.

  16. Personally I prefer the look of the G37, however I have no idea how the ride quality is for that one, since the M56 is already stuff. However, I don't think the M56 is ugly by any means. Plus the exterior looks ultra plush. However, if I had a choice I would pick Benz E350 coupe over this one. M56 may be more interesting looking but E350 is classier and more elegant looking.

  17. "yes an infiniti is better than the audi, i agree completely"

    And the ridiculous Nissan shills are in the house again!

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