Jaguar XE illustration

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jaguar is coming with a smaller convertible to compete with cars like the Boxter and BMW Z4.

This is just an illustration, mixing elements of pretty much all current Jaguar models.
Let’s hope the real thing is a bit more original.

We should see a concept version soon.

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  1. Ya know what I don't like about illustrations? It's not real so though I hope it would look as great as the drawing, or hope it even makes it past the drawing, chances are it won't, so this is pointless. Just saying

  2. The illustration is meaningless, as they almost always are. But I do like the idea of a Boxter/Z4 competitor. And I like Jaguar's current lineup. So I am looking forward to seeing this car develop further.

  3. Love the lines on this car, even though it's a drawing and not real life, it looks pretty real! From the photo, I prefer the XE to the boxter; not really a fan of that one. The Jag looks sleeker, sexier.

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