MG6 Sedan introduced in Europe

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This car was already introduced in China a few months ago.
But this is the version that will be built and sold in England later this year.
It was engineered in England but 80% of the part will come from China.

Power comes from a 1.8 Liter Turbo with 147hp.

Later, a British version of the small MG3 will also be introduced.

They are planing sales in the rest of Europe for 2012, once the new Diesel engine is ready.

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  1. Hmmmm…for some reason I see KIA Optima. Must be the taillight, backlight, rear side window kink, front side fender vent, headlight, grill, and lower bumper with fog lamps….
    If the car weighs 2000 pounds the motor should be adequate, or it better have at least 200 lbs of torque to motivate it. Since it is 80% Chinese I would avoid being hit by anything larger then a Smart ForTwo.

  2. A Chinese MG…
    Hmmm… as a former owner of MGs, I must say it looks just like every other freakin' car out there these days. Same bland, cookie-cutter, no originality same old same old… snore.

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