Mini RocketMan Concept

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As you can see, this is a pure concept. Not even close to a production car.

But Mini has said they are working on a “Smaller than Mini” model.
So we might actually see some of this design in a production model within the next 2 years.

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  1. This is ridiculous. I saw a SMART ahead of me the other day and thought for a moment it was some type of golf cart. Can you imagine this driving next to a Suburban?

  2. Vince I believe it's a no brainer. Having spoken to true mini enthusiasts, they love mini coopers but believe that they are getting too big and loosing themselves. I think this is a way to show that they are indeed still "Mini". Though this Is extremely concept, it's a point well taken. I know those tail lights are concept, but they resemble the Volvo hatch back. Did you like the pic of that random car I posted on your Facebook?

  3. That design on the roof reminds me of the short lived "Automan" series from the early 1980's with the lit up Lamborghini Countach. Oops, showing my age. LOL

  4. That is hilarious about the golf cart comment! I live in So Cal and have seen quite a few Smart Cars on the freeway and they look so funny. And many people DO drive huge cars like Suburban's here so the Smart looks really out of place.

    As for the Mini Rocket; the interior is really crazy looking. Everything is circular and there is red ambiant ligthing too; very futuristic looking. I like the interior and I like the clear/roof thing; however the exterior looks a bit weird to be honest. It looks very cartoon character'ish, like something you would see in an Anime movie.

  5. This is very likely the Mini model that 1950s-1990s Mini owners/purists have been waiting for, why wouldn't they build it? But they need to call it something other than "Cooper" (which adorns all their other models, including the Countryman).. how about "Minor"?

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