More pictures of the new Honda Fit Shuttle

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It’s not looking any better.

I like the idea of a super sized Fit. Why not.

But where are the designers from the Fit?
The people responsible for this seem to have been stuck in the early 80’s.
While the regular Fit looks like a modern car. This is retro in a bad way. With weird proportions.

I just don’t get it….

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  1. Wow, this is shockingly terrible. Recent ugly Honda designs: CrossTour, Element, new Odyssey, and now this?? That C-pillar is a joke, along with those matching wheel covers. The front end is passable and the tail lights are ok.

  2. Vince, let me see if I can find that picture of the Fit Shuttle where someone had photoshopped some nice wheels on it. It honest to god looks like a COMPLETELY different vehicle in a very good way.

    Those wheels that Honda chose are some of the ugliest OEM wheels that the world has EVER seen.

  3. The Chinese aren't raising to European or American levels nearly as fast as Honda is sinking to "below the Chinese" levels of quality & finesse.

  4. Okay.

    It doesn't look THAT bad. At least it's not Aztek or Crosstour fugly.

    That's about the kindest thing I can say it…

  5. "At least it's not Aztek or Crosstour fugly."

    I have to say, even though the Aztek is a hideous vehicle, they were at least a pioneer at trying to carve out a new segment. So you have to give props to the recently departed for the noble but failed effort. Honda has surpassed them many times on the ugly-meter, and there's simply no excuse for such continued amateur hour 1970s sci-fi design. Anyone else see a little Kroft Superstar in this thing?!

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