New Fiat Freemont interior

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As you can see, the interior is as similar to the Dodge Journey as the exterior.
Fiat chose to do the minimum amount of modifications for the European model.

Except, of course, using their own engines, including diesels, and a manual transmission.

Maybe it’ll work… Who knows….

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  1. This is lipstick on a pig, Vince.

    The Journey is a piece of junk platform that they have put a nicer interior in. Chryslers didn't work in Europe before and they have absolutely destroyed the name now.

    Ask someone who knows about vehicles in the UK what they think of Dodge and Chrysler. See what they say….

  2. Chrysler and Dodge vehicles are common in many parts of Europe. What are they thinking offering such a horrendous re-badge as well? Yucko.

  3. Journey has done remarkably well even with the old dash, incandescent tailights, and no advertising. The upgrades are certainly not going to slow that momentum. Nor will a FIAT Badge.
    It's ALL GOOD!

  4. In Candada Journey is one of the best-selling SUV's period! (Of course the main competition is Honda, Toyota, & Nissan)

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