Nissan Esflow Concept

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Nissan has been teasing us with the idea of a small RWD coupe for years.
Could this be it?

Or is it an idea of what the next Z could look like.

Either way, without all the concept pits, it does has a nice sporty shape to it.

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  1. Omg thats gotta be the new 200sx!! .. Esflow.. it makes perfect sense.. keep the essence of the z but is a smaller sexier pack.. Love it .. !! Nissan ure back to kicking goals ! DATSUN101

  2. According to another website (Sorry Vince, I strayed…) this car "borrows drivetrain technologies from the production-ready Leaf electric hatchback"
    Hybrid Z? Electric 200sx?

  3. A Leaf style RWD sportscar I think would be a great idea. But I agree that this should'nt be the next 370.

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