2012 Chevrolet Colorado

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The forgotten child is getting a new skin next year.

GM will show an all new version of the “not so compact” pick up truck at the Bangkok Motor Show .

While Ford has already said the new Ranger won’t make it to the US, we’re still not 100% sure about what GM might do with the Colorado.
At least from this picture, it seems much more stylish than the current model.

Maybe $4 a gallon gas will bring this over here sooner than later…

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  1. Chevy needs to bring back the LUV truck. I'm too young to remember them, but I have been told stories and I imagine they are a lot smaller than the "not so compact" trucks of today.

  2. Ugh. With the looming departure of the Ford Ranger, and the arrival of styled-with-a-cake-spatula products like this new Chevy THING….the era of blob-shaped trucks is firmly upon us.

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